The Long Awaited Kitchen Remodel

Im going to skip the part where I give you a list of excuses for my lack of blogging and simply say I had nothing interesting to share.  Until now.  I finally nagged, begged, pleaded with Jeremiah until he took the plunge with me into kitchen remodeling. I have been dying to give it a new face since we moved in. 
I was saying to Jeremiah as we were working on it that it's crazy how someones taste can change so quickly.  4 years ago when we were registering for gifts I wanted lots of color, red and yellow to be exact. Now, I find myself always going for the off whites, grays, and other beautiful neutrals.  When deciding the pieces of the kitchen I new I wanted something fresh and at the same time modern but classic.  Before I skip to the after pictures let's start with some before shots.

All of these were taken before we moved in.

About the only change we made upon moving in were painting the walls (remember how I said I loved color??)

And the afters:
We painted the cabinets linen.
We got new floor, a distressed walnut.
Two new overhead lights (I'm slightly obsessed with the one above my table)
Got a new pantry door
New countertops
Classic, white subway tiles as a backsplash
New sliding door
New front door (Ok, that has nothing to do with the kitchen but I wanted to get it out of the way)
New vanity in the half bath. I wanted something with a little storage.
New sideboard table with storage for the kitchen.

I hope you enjoy taking a look into our house!


Kitty B said…
Wow, that looks great!!!
Laura McDaniel said…
Thanks!!! We couldn't be happier!
Pat Brockman said…
Love what you have done and the way you two work together on things! So glad you give us a peek with your blog. Don't worry about how often you post, just keep posting when you have a chance.

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