Project Completed

So a few months ago I stumbled upon this transformation here.  I remembered my grandparents having one when I was a little girl so I called my grandma up and asked her if she still had it and she did! SCORE! She was nice enough to give it to me so I was extra excited.  Anyways, here is was I started with:

This was after I took the back off:

Like the website, I wanted to cut mine in half so it wasn't so deep.  Jeremiah and his dad did a great job. Then, Jeremiah cut and put in shelves for the piece. What a great guy!

Ready to go!

We went to lowe's to get the paint and stain and I was able to find a "oops" color on sale for $2.50 instead of $15. Great deal! The stain supplies cost around $10 but I have enough to do at least 2 more projects if not more.  The staining wasn't too bad but I definitely think I will get better the more pieces I experiment on.  I am really pleased with the way it turned out.  I think I am really going to love it, I just have to find the perfect place to put it.

I changed the handles to go with a more vintage look.  I love them!

Well, there you go! My first total transformation! I can't wait to do it again!


TaylorMade said…
It looks so good! Great job!
That is so impressive! I love it!
sweetouch! said…
How long did it take you?? Very nice I love it
Sonya said…
I loooove! My girls call me the recycle queen because I recycle anything I can so when I came across your transformation I have to give you a big high five. Great job, looks amazing.
Amy said…
This is great!!! I have a console TV waiting for me - I got the back off but for the life of me can't figure out how to get the guts out!!! Any tips? They're in with some funky rivet looking things (not a traditional screw of course).
gail said…
super job! I've been dying to do this, but never have found a tv.
Your's turned out fantastic!
ps found you at RR
Maria Matter said…
Ooo, this is fabulous Laura!!
This is amazing! A great example of repuposing at it's best! I'd love to see this at our Be Inspired link party!
Bliss said…
Just the other day when I saw a furniture re-do I was thinking wow, there isn't anything a talented blogger can't transform. I saw an old tv on something and thought, "hmm, what could anyone possibly do with THAT". Well now I know! That looks GREAT, nice job!!!!

this is fantastic i love everything about it, i have the same console with a table cloth over it just waiting for it.

Is there any particular paint brand and stain you got or it does not matter?

thanks and great your site.
Morgan B. said…
I'm doing a TV conversion too with an old 1978 RCA console and have been struggling to figure out how to gut it... I've read stuff about CRTs and was wondering how you removed your TV's innards?
Laura McDaniel said…
For the love of Danes: I used a returned color from Lowes and for the stain I just pick a color. Usually I go with a darker stain because you won't have to keep staining it. Just go with colors you like and a stain you feel like blends with your furniture!

Morgan B.: Honestly, once I got all the screws out we just attacked it with a hammer. We pretty much ripped it out and then sanded all the bad spots. Feel free to ask anymore questions!

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