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The Long Awaited Kitchen Remodel

Im going to skip the part where I give you a list of excuses for my lack of blogging and simply say I had nothing interesting to share.  Until now.  I finally nagged, begged, pleaded with Jeremiah until he took the plunge with me into kitchen remodeling. I have been dying to give it a new face since we moved in. 
I was saying to Jeremiah as we were working on it that it's crazy how someones taste can change so quickly.  4 years ago when we were registering for gifts I wanted lots of color, red and yellow to be exact. Now, I find myself always going for the off whites, grays, and other beautiful neutrals.  When deciding the pieces of the kitchen I new I wanted something fresh and at the same time modern but classic.  Before I skip to the after pictures let's start with some before shots.

All of these were taken before we moved in.

About the only change we made upon moving in were painting the walls (remember how I said I loved color??)

And the afters:
We painted the cabinets linen.
We got new floor, a distressed walnut.
Two new overhead lights (I'm slightly obsessed with the one above my table)
Got a new pantry door
New countertops
Classic, white subway tiles as a backsplash
New sliding door
New front door (Ok, that has nothing to do with the kitchen but I wanted to get it out of the way)
New vanity in the half bath. I wanted something with a little storage.
New sideboard table with storage for the kitchen.

I hope you enjoy taking a look into our house!

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Warrior Dash

Let me start by saying I did NOT complete the Warrior Dash.  Jumping over fire, climbing walls is not really my thing.  Jeremiah, JP, and JP's brother in law Matt did the race.  They loved it.  Jeremiah's one word to describe the race was Intense. If you haven't heard of the Warrior Dash it is a 5k that includes about 20 obstacles. It's a lot of climbing over walls with just a rope mixed with almost Wipeout like challenges. There are a TON of people that do this. They have 15 minute starting intervals from 9:00-3:00. The guys started at 9:15 and Jeremiah said everything was already so muddy he has no idea how the last group of people could even do most of it! Overall I think he liked it and I think he would do it again next year.  I, on the other hand, am happy to sit in the bleachers and take pictures!  I am still playing with my new camera but I was able to get a few good shots. Enjoy!

A few words of wisdom incase you are thinking of trying the Warrior Dash:
1) Bring a towel.  OOPS! We didn't even think about this and well, good thing no one was around when Jeremiah had to change in the parking lot.
2) Speaking of indecencies, if you are going to wear compression pants wear underwear.  I saw at least 3 girls with ripped pants down the middle seam in the back and their backside goods were just there! Yikes!

Happy Monday!
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High 5 for Friday!

I can't believe another week has flown by! I have been kind of sick around here so I apologize for my absence.

1. I ordered a new design for wallets! I am really excited about it! I think it might be my favorite so far.  It's really hard to put two fabrics together when you can't see them in person but I am working on it!

2. I got a new camera! We were in Sam's and they had a closeout deal and we couldn't pass it up!
3.  Tomorrow morning Jeremiah is going to run the warrior dash with our friend JP. He's pretty nervous but I know he will do great! Courtney and I are just going to cheer them on from the side.
4. This guy turned 25 this week.  We celebrated Saturday with his family on the lake and then Tuesday we had a pool party with our friends. On his actual birthday we just went to dinner and hung out.
5. Last Sunday the five of us were given free tickets to a Colt's preseason game. It was a great opportunity to see the stadium but I think I'll stick to watching on TV.

Have a fantastic weekend y'all!

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Easy DIY Head Turban

I found this tutorial on pinterest the other day and couldn't wait to try it out. I have a turban headband from H&M in gray that I love but was looking for other colors because I often wear gray shirts and gray on gray doesn't go.

I followed the directions exactly for the first one and it turned out OK.  I like mine to be a little thicker so I modified for the second.

The tutorial calls for 4 X 20 inch strips and it just made it too thin for my taste so I think my niece will be getting this.  

I just used the 1/4 yard thick pieces and I really like how this one turned out! Its a sheer white material and has a design in it. 

I would have taken a better picture but I put it on after my workout! I'll try to get a better picture in the next couple of days but for now enjoy the ridges in my forehead!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!
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On the Pontoon

This weekend we rented a pontoon and ski boat for the day to celebrate Jeremiah's birthday with his family.  We had a blast! I can count the number of times I have been in a boat on one hand but each time I go I have a lot of fun! We went to Raccoon Lake in Rockville, IN.  It was about 1 and a half hours from us BUT we passed one of two Sonic's in the Indianapolis area so I was a happy camper!
Here are a few pictures I took.  I have a fancy camera and I am very, very poorly trained (not trained at all) so bear with me.  I am learning as I go.

The top two are my mother in law and sister in law skiing.  They did great!
Brooklyn loved tubing! I don't know why the lake looks so green in the last picture. Let's blame it on my terrible photography skills.

Kylee and Brooklyn had a great time!

The top 3 are Jeremiah and the bottom 3 are Josh.  To say they both loved it would be a huge understatement.

Yesterday we were given free tickets to the Colt's first preseason game. It was out first NFL game and it was pretty fun! The weather was absolutely beautiful so that always helps!

Happy Monday!

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High 5 for Friday

It's Friday already?

Let me try that again.  It's Friday already!!

1. I'm taking Jeremiah to the lake this weekend with his family for a little ski boat/pontoon action.  I can't wait, hopefully the weather will cooperate. It's been seriously cloudy and humid/rainy this week.  

2. Scored a free necklace from this lovely website.  I got the shipping notification like 2 hours later. It really doesn't get better than that.  I got mint and I can't wait to get it in. I'll be sure to take a picture when it comes.  Check out her shop.  Great pieces at a great price!

3. I managed to work out everyday for 90 minutes! I feel so much better about myself when I work out.  Today after I finished I went outside to lay in the hammock and read. It started raining but I was plenty covered and it was so blissful.  I could have stayed there all day! 

4. I am kind of ashamed to say Jeremiah and I just discovered New Girl.  We LOVE it.  Netflix only has the first season and that went by way too fast.  How are we going to make it until we can watch season 2??

5. Somehow the month of July flew by and Indy turned 4! We got her in October so we don't celebrate until then but she was born sometime in July.  I really didn't think of her being a puppy when we got her but looking at the pictures she really was a baby!

Can't wait for this weekend! Lake Saturday and Colts Preseason on Sunday! 

Happy Friday Ya'll

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Glowing Green Smoothie- My Version

Two recipes in one week!! I wanted to share another recipe for you that I have been loving this summer.  Our summer hasn't been too hot but that doesn't mean I don't want a cold breakfast.  I found this recipe on pinterest and thought I would roll with it.
First try: WAY TOO GREEN and I LIKE green.
So here's my recipe:

Let's start with the greens: I mix 1 1/2 cup water with half a bag of spinach, a whole head of lettuce and 3 or 4 stalks of celery. It's VERY green.  DO NOT try it at this point.

The original recipe calls for everything pictured except the peach. I got them homegrown this week and I couldn't resist adding them to my smoothie. Add whatever you would like.

This is my secret ingredient.  I add about 1/2 cup and it makes all the difference.  It used to taste all green and now it's perfect.  

Try it.  I DARE you.

Glowing Green Smoothie-My Version
1 Head of Lettuce
Half a bag of fresh spinach
3 or 4 stalks of celery
1 large or 2 small very ripe bananas
1 apple
1 pear
1/2 lemon juice
1 peach (if you want)
secret ingredient: orange juice or fresh orange

Blend it all. It makes about 3 16 oz. servings and it only stays fresh in the fridge for about 24 hours so I save one in the fridge and distribute the other 2 in containers and put them in the freezer and set out the night before in the fridge.  

Enjoy! Happy Thursday!

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