How soon is too soon?

Ok, let me start this by saying I love my house.  I love everything about it.  However, Avery just sent me some pictures of her precious house and I must admit I wish mine had more of the same look as hers.  I want mine to be country chic.  However I think mine is very traditional.  I just moved in, I shouldn't want to redecorate already! But I do!!! I don't want to redecorate everything but just somethings.  It's just too soon, right???

Enough rambling--- I need to share something else.  I have hopped on the wagon.  I am obsessed with Harry Potter.  I am only in the middle of year 3 but I AM HOOKED.  And while I am admitting things, I have to admit I teared up in both year 1 and 2 movies.  I can't help it.  It gets me.  Jeremiah made so much fun of me.

I am also hooked on the Hunger Game series.  All I have left to read is Mockingjay but I am still on the waiting list.  I read Cathing Fire in like a day.  Ugh, hurry up #255.

Alright, lastly I leave you with a picture from our family christmas card photo shoot.  This is obviously a no-go so I will share it with you.


Avery said…
what you dont know is that i have only lived in my house six months and my living room looks COMPLETELy different than it did when we moved in! I change things up all the time, just in moderation and without spending too much $$. its all about the thrift store!

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