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Right now I am sitting in my bed blogging so Jeremiah came up with my title. It has absolutely nothing to do with this post.  

I have several posts in the making but I am still waiting on some afters and such.  

This past Friday I got to host my first party.  It was so much fun!  I had our friends Jake, Willis, and then Jake's sister Amanda, her two friends from Freed, Allison and Ansley, and then two girls from here Kathy and Stacey.  We had a blast!  When everyone got there we dyed eggs.  After that it was time for the hunt.  I had previously hid 84 eggs outside around our house.  It has been raining here a lot lately so we had set out rain boots for everyone.  I had everyone draw for teams so there were 4 teams of 2.  Then according to the number they drew they chose their basket.  I had a really nice basket, dirty plastic tote, a bag, and a walmart sack.  According to which "basket" they chose, it decided which flashlight they got.  Obviously I knew they would pick in order from nicest to ugliest so I had a tiny keychain flashlight for the basket, small flashlight for the tote, bigger flashlight from the bag and a spotlight for the walmart sack.  It was great! 

We had two different ways to win prizes.  We had a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize for the teams who collected the most eggs overall.  We also had hidden 24 coins in eggs.  With the coins you could buy some treasures from out prize counter.  

After the hunt ended we played games and talked.  All in all it was a really fun night and I had such a blast hosting a party.  I love planning parties so this was really fun for me! I can't wait to host again soon!

Ready to hunt!

3rd place!

2nd Place!

Grand Prize!!

Oh yeah, 4th place!

Have a great Wednesday! Hopefully I will blog a little more this week!


Summer said…
I'm just catching up on all your projects. You are so talented! I want you to come and decorate my house!
kiel said…
wow so nice photos

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