One year ago today, Jeremiah signed the papers on our beautiful home.  We have been working really hard on projects and have gotten quite a bit accomplished! Our most recent project was landscaping.  It really needed to be done.  You see, when we first saw our house it was middle of March so everything was dead.  We had no idea what was planted in the front so we went with it.
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We we arrived to our house for the first time after our honeymoon it was middle of June.  Everything was lush and green and... FULL

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You can't even really see our house.  It was pretty embarrassing.

About a month later we finally got around to trimming our bushes.  Our neighbors informed us that they hadn't been touched in at least 3 years! Wow! Talk about a great and easy change!

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It wasn't anything special but it was nice and we left it. 

Last month we started the project of ripping everything out and went to a nursery and picked out some plants.  I know nothing about plants so we took advice from the people that work there and I really think I am going to like what we picked out!

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We're ready to plant!

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Originally, I thought I liked the privacy that the bushes gave our porch but I realized that we have a great porch and I want to show it off! After we planted everything we waited about a week to lay down some mulch and so now our project is complete! 

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Over on the right side I have 3 hydrangea bushes
On the left I have 2 rose and wine bushes in the back, 1 ivory dogwood bush in the middle, and 3 day lilly plants around the sidewalk.  Don't ask what the hanging plants are, I have no idea I just thought they were pretty.

The only problem with it is that I am not patient enough and I want to see change overnight! So far they have done great but I still don't have any actual flowers. UGH.  We really like the way it turned out and I think we are working on better curb appeal! Now, if only we will paint our mailbox...

We planted some trees in the backyard, I will have to get some pictures this week but it will give us a lot more privacy in our backyard since we can't have a privacy fence.  

What do you think?


Reenie said…
Hi ~ I found your blog thru Better After (your TV cabinet transformation).

Your landscape looks great. If you want some instant color ~ you can go get some flowers that are Annuals. I always used to get them mixed up....but Annuals are plants that you plant annually. Perineals (sp)will come back every year.

If you have full sun a good flower is Vincas...they have several different colors and they love the sun and heat. If you have shade ~ Impatiens are a good one.


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