580 Coffee Filters

So, awhile ago I stumbled on some blogs that did crafts with coffee filters.  Well, I had a lamp shade that I wanted to recover but I didn't know what I wanted to do with it so I decided that I would try coffee filters.  I went to Sam's to look for coffee filters because obviously they sell in bulk and I knew I needed a lot.  Well I only found one box of 1000 and they weren't in the right spot so I didn't know how much they would cost but I knew it couldn't be that much.  Well to my surprise they were only $2.41! Talk about a cheap craft!
Alright so I started folding.  It took forever but I finally covered the whole thing and it only took 580 filters! It was a really easy project but it took forever! I would just do it while watching tv of an evening or morning.  Anyways, here it is!

Happy Thursday!


Amy Jo said…
Looks great! I have the same craft tucked away in my "to do" pile! I love seeing the special touches you put on your home.

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