1 Year Anniversary

Tonight we celebrated having our wonderful puppy, Indy, for 1 year! I invited over Jeremiah's mom and dad and our sister-in-law Holly, and our two nieces Kylee and Brooklyn.  We had a wonderful dinner of Chili and Corn Bread. Here is our dessert, very yummy, easy, and colorful!

Now onto Indy.  In case you don't know much about her I will tell you.  We rescued her from Crescent, Oklahoma last October.  We found her on Craigslist and drove out to the house.  This house was soo trashy and so were the people.  I think they had about 15 dogs and their son was outside in the yard playing with a propane tank.  Well, once we got there and saw her I knew she was ours.  Since Indy and her brothers and sisters were just left with these people as puppies we don't exactly know how old she is.  We know she is roughly a year and a half so instead we decided to celebrate the one year anniversary because we do know that date.  
Anyway, I made her a peanut-butter carrot cake and of course she loved the peanut butter! We even got her a huge bone! 
The party was a huge success and I hope Indy knows how much we love her! 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the night:

She looks scary but she is really licking peanut butter off her mouth. 

Alright, well Jeremiah is done running on the treadmil ( I did my running this afternoon).  We are training for our half-marathon and 3 weeks in to it and it's still going good.  

Now I am off the go watch the world series/read Harry Potter.

Happy Thursday!


M said…
You are so funny and cute, I LOVE it that your dog had a birthday party! What is that dessert you made? It looks really really good and I kind of want to make it, soon!

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