The Envelope System

Im pretty sure all of my readers are familiar with Dave Ramsey so I am going to skip telling you all what he does.  Pretty much he is a genius and so for the past 6 months we have been following his "envelope system".  Well, I was getting pretty tired of actually carrying around white envelopes and they kept ripping so I found a tutorial online and made my own envelope wallet.  I was just going to buy one but I didn't like how they looked and the ones on etsy were like 60$ and I just knew I could make it for less money.  Well, I did make it for much less money but boy was it a stressful project.  It's made out of oil cloth and being a beginner seamstress I did not have experience with this material.  Oil Cloth is pretty much regular fabric with a vinyl protectant on it.  It doesn't fray so that is a big thumbs up but it stretches when you sew it and the whole thing kinda came out uneven.  The pockets for the main concern and I think they turned out really well so I am very happy! 


Really cute Laura!! You did a great job!
the hendley's said…
How's the envelope system working for ya'll? I can't even remember to get the cash out of the ATM for the envelopes...

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