A treasure chest of history

      I guess I will start off with an apology for being absent for so long.  Summer has been so busy! At the beginning of July I threw my brother and sister in law a "Sprinkle".  A sprinkle is a small shower you throw for people who already have kids.  It went fantastic! It was my first party to host and I thought it was kinda fun! We played games, ate great food, opened presents, and swam! All around a great party!
      The next day I left for a week of church camp.  This was my first "family" camp.  I co-counseled 1st-3rd grade girls with a great lady. I really enjoyed camp and I enjoyed getting to know people at church better.
      Not even 24 hours after I got home from camp I left for a road-trip to OKLAHOMA!  I hung out with my family, caught up with old friends, spent time with my grandparents, raided both my parents and grandparents houses, all in all a perfect trip despite the horrible heat.
      On thursday evening I headed up to edmond to stay with Kerri and we left that night for a trip to Tulsa to spend the night with Avery.  We stayed up way too late but had such a great time.  Friday we left after breakfast and headed to St. Louis to hang out with the wonderful Ally where we also stayed up way too late and headed out early the next morning where we finally made it to our final destination, Indianapolis.
       Kerri and I did lots of shopping, I showed her around the city, and we all ate at some pretty cool restaurants! She left this morning and I hope she had just as good of a time as I did.

Alright, now on to my newest "Before and After".  Like I mentioned previously, I raided my parents house for treasures and my mom was willing to part with quite the treasure, chest that is. 

Before: It's been several colors since I have seen it in my house.  I think you can call this one bronze.

Look at that lovely velvet inside.  Notice the newspaper; more to come on that later.

After: Spray painted Ivory, hand painted hardware, and recovered the inside.

I also found a piece of history.  Pretty cool!

I am so happy with the way it turned out.  It is going to make such a great addition to our living room!

Well, school starts soon so hopefully I will blog more often.  Hope your enjoying the rest of your summer!


Kitty said…
1. love the chest!
2. I was wondering what a sprinkle was!! I'm glad you explained it! But I love that idea!
Bo and Pat said…
I love being able to keep up with your projects! So glad i could visit and see the home you and Jer are creating. You inspire and delight me!
ker said…
The chest turned out so stinkin cute! I'm sure it goes perfect in the living room! I can't wait to come back and see it in person!

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