After: Part 1

The Vanity:  A part of the bathroom where you spend a lot of time.  Let's start critiquing the before.
We have the typical oak cabinets that match all the other woodwork in our house.  We also had the typical marble counter tops that are white (which showed everything!)  The faucets are ugly and old and plain.  Also, the lighting is boring.  Let's just face it, there is nothing like-able about this vanity.  


We used this rustoleum cabinet transformation kit and used the paprika color.  We wanted something different because I am getting tired of the oak and all new cabinets would have been way more expensive.  First you paint and then you antique them.  This was one of the only jobs I had (other than cleaning).  The counter tops are silestone and they are beautiful.  We got a really good deal on them and I am in love. They, unlike the marble, show nothing.  The faucets got an upgrade to antique bronze.  We decided that color of fixtures would look best with our "look".  Last we have the lighting. I will do more on it later but here is a preview. We went with an industrial look which I am in love with.  I think we are right with the trend and I think it looks great thanks to my genius husband who built the entire thing.  Enjoy the first part! I can't wait to show you the rest!


Emily said…
Can Jeremiah come build me some light fixtures for my apartment?

AGH those are so so lovely I can barely stand it! They look like they are from restoration hardware!
Summer said…
Love this, Laura. I'm like a junkie - i need to see more!

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