Lighting and Floors

So I am officially on my 2 week Spring Break and could not be happier.  It feels like I can actually breathe for awhile.  Don't get me wrong, I love my job. I love what I do.  It's just overwhelming at some points and it is nice to have a break.  Sorry for all of you who work at other places and don't get Spring Break.

Here are a few of the small details in our new bathroom.
A new toilet! And a new toilet paper holder.  It's the little things folks!

This is our floor.  It's tile but it looks like hardwood floor.  It's awesome.  Jeremiah and his father laid it themselves.  Look at those straight lines people!

So I wanted industrial lighting for the bathroom but when we started looking at prices I couldn't get past how expensive they were.  So my genius husband built us these pieces out of cheap farm lights and pipes. We spray painted them and I think they look fabulous.  Just don't pay attention to the streaks on my mirror.

Last we just wanted to update our fixtures to some antique bronze ones. I think they look great and really go with the look.

All we have left is the shower! Get excited because it's awesome!

Have a great day!


I cannot believe how much work you guys have put into the house!! Everything looks amazing! I'm going to need a video tour when its all done!
Megan said…
I absolutely love your lights! Genius indeed, they are gorgeous!

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