The Shower

Well this is the last unveil.  I am so excited to show you our shower! It is by far my favorite part!  Let's look at some befores:

You wouldn't believe how much room we gained by removing the nasty insert.  I loved that corner seat for shaving my legs and holding all my things but other than that I hated it.  

This was obviously very early in the project.  

Just dreaming of what's to come.

We went with a frameless door.  We wanted a swinging door but with our actual bathroom door we just didn't have enough room.  We wanted a frosted glass too.  

Next, Jeremiah picked out a wonderful shower head with, count it, 4 body sprayers.  It's fantastic!

Last, he built me some shelves so we would still have room for all of stuff but wouldn't lose room.

Doesn't this look great? It is.

PS. I layed out today for the first time this year and got some awkward burn lines.

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said…
Haha, I'm sorry about your awkward burn lines!

But at least you have a gorgeous shower! It looks so good.
Wow! Your bathroom looks amazing now Laura! I love the wood-look tile. And I'm super jealous of all those shower heads. Fantastic!

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