On the Pontoon

This weekend we rented a pontoon and ski boat for the day to celebrate Jeremiah's birthday with his family.  We had a blast! I can count the number of times I have been in a boat on one hand but each time I go I have a lot of fun! We went to Raccoon Lake in Rockville, IN.  It was about 1 and a half hours from us BUT we passed one of two Sonic's in the Indianapolis area so I was a happy camper!
Here are a few pictures I took.  I have a fancy camera and I am very, very poorly trained (not trained at all) so bear with me.  I am learning as I go.

The top two are my mother in law and sister in law skiing.  They did great!
Brooklyn loved tubing! I don't know why the lake looks so green in the last picture. Let's blame it on my terrible photography skills.

Kylee and Brooklyn had a great time!

The top 3 are Jeremiah and the bottom 3 are Josh.  To say they both loved it would be a huge understatement.

Yesterday we were given free tickets to the Colt's first preseason game. It was out first NFL game and it was pretty fun! The weather was absolutely beautiful so that always helps!

Happy Monday!


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