36 construction zones

This weekend I drove a total of 1300 miles and went through 36 construction zones all to spend less than 48 hours with my best friends.  It was such an amazing weekend. Here are some things I learned:

1) The Border of Oklahoma and Kansas is right off the turnpike.

2) Kerri Henry is the worlds most gullible person ever.  Just one of the many reasons why I love her.

3) There are already 21 engaged couples at OC.  I mean WOW.

4) Bryson Holley should have been on Step Up 2.

5) I am just more reassured that Taco Beuno is my favorite fast food.

6) Allyson Wagner is a really good driving partner but she drinks a LOT of water when she is sick. (4+ Liters for a 7 hours drive) Talk about a lot of stops.

7)Stevie White is going to be the world's BEST PA.  Congrats Dr. White!

8) Ashley Stanton can really flow.

9) Hope Heinen makes the best Ramen Noodles. And is really excited to be the newest member of Zeta. Zeta lives.

11) I miss Hayley Burroughs's laugh.

12) Macy Mason's hair grows really fast and she is still just as cute as ever.

10) I drove around campus and so much has changed.  I mean, no more phase 1? It was a landmark!

11) I live really far away so if you don't post things on FB I don't know what's going on so come on people!

12) And last, I have the best friends ever.  I love all of them so much.


MaKenna said…
I love your blog.

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