I love you a bushel and a peck

Woah its already been a week since my last post?!  Well, a lot has happened since i last updated you all on my life.  We spent last week cleaning and finishing up a few last projects before my parents came to town! It was so wonderful when my parents arrived around 1 on saturday afternoon.  I was so proud to show off all the work that my wonderful husband and i have done around the house and they were very impressed!  After a little break from the car, we loaded up and headed to Brown county to a town called Nashville.  We walked through the old time shops there and had a lot of fun, and the weather was perfect!  On our way back home we stopped by the outlet mall and found some real treasures.  My husband was very proud of the Gopher reaching tool that he got at the as seen on tv store.  He took it straight out of the box and used it through all the rest of the stores.  They had a hurricane simulator at the mall, so i was convinced to see what it felt like to be surrounded by a hurricane, WINDY.  Monday we went to the apple orchard by our house and it was awesome!  I had a carmel apple that was amazing!  We picked a bushel of apples, well actually my husband and I picked a peck and my parents picked a peck, which equals a bushel! Here are some pics!

New fan and pin lights!

Best Carmel Apple Ever

Weird apple tree with no leaves (the tree behind it has leaves so the picture is deceiving)

Picking Apples!

Hi Parents!

So proud of all his apples! He actually eats them too!

Im off to Oklahoma for the weekend and couldn't be more excited! Can't wait for my quick road trip with Miss Allyson Wagner.  I have to go work on my playlist now.  Happy Tuesday!!


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