Cleaning Schedule

We have a house.  It's pretty good size.  It's a lot to keep up with and a full-time job and we don't even have kids yet.  I like love a clean house.  However, I don't want to do it all on the weekend because the weekend is so precious to me. So I came up with a schedule to clean my house.  I do a couple chores a day and my house is always clean.  Are you ready for this? Here is goes:

Monday: Toilets, Tubs, Showers (Everyone hates mondays anyway so I might as well have a double whammy)

Tuesday: Sweep, Mop, Take out Trash (Jeremiah's Job)

Wednesday: Wash Towels, Sheets

Thursday: Vacuum, Dust

Friday: Windows, Mirrors

Saturday: Jeremiah's Work Clothes, Other Laundry

Sunday: Vacuum, Dust (My house gets really dusty. I have a dog.)

Anyways, here is my schedule. I really like it.  It takes only a little bit of time and never a whole day devoted to cleaning.  There are always dishes and things like that to keep up with but this will ensure your house stays "mother-in-law" approved clean!


the hendley's said…
You mean I can't just get a maid.... Boo! I hate devoting a whole day to cleaning too. It'd be okay if I could have that day off, and I'd promise to stay home and clean and not have any fun, but that hasn't happened yet...

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