Extreme Laundry Room Makeover

So a few weeks ago we were given my in-laws old washer and dryer and so we had to re-do our laundry room.  We had this huge counter that went over our washer and dryer and since I had a front loader it wasn't a problem and I loved the huge counter for folding and things.  However, our new machine was not a front loading so we had to take it out.  I thought I would miss it terribly but I am glad its gone now.

We also had a huge shelf with a rod underneath for hanging clothes and we took that out and added cabinets.  LOVE IT! I still wanted a rod so we added a small shelf and rod to the other side so I could still hang up some clothes.

We also already had the hook-ups for a utility sink but because of the previously stated counter we couldn't have one.  Well now we have one! AND... it has this bamboo piece that goes over the top so it can be a table when you don't need to use the sink.  How handy is that?

Since we had to make all these changes I was dying to paint so I finally got my opportunity. It looks SO much better.  Last, we added a backsplash and I am in love with it.  See for yourself...

When you do a before picture it's supposed to be super messy, right?

 Utility sink with table top on.

Without table top

Shelf with hanging rod

What do you think? I love it! All that's left is curtains.  I bought the fabric today and I hope to have them done by next weekend or maybe MLK day.  

Have a good week!


the hendley's said…
Laura, that looks fantastic!! I bet you love doing laundry even more now!!
M said…
AH! You're amazing! How's the sewing coming.. I need someone to teach me!
What a great job! I love the cabinets and tile work you did. I'm jealous of your new machines. Mine don't even match.
Looks amazing! I'd love doing laundry in there!
Erin said…
Could you tell me where you found your utility sink? I'm looking for one to replace the heinous paint-covered one in our laundry area. Thanks!
Laura McDaniel said…
We got the sink from home depot. It's an online thing only but it came practically put together. It's amazing!

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