That was so last year...

I will jump on the 2010 review post bandwagon and give you a little review of my year.  Here it goes!

January: Bought my wedding dress

March: Bought our beautiful home

April: Took Engagement Pictures

April: Jeremiah graduated from college

May: Had an amazing personal shower with family and friends

May: Went to Florida for Interstate Battery Convention

June: Got Married!

June: Went to Riveria Maya on our Honeymoon

July: Went to PA for a Vintage Car Race

July: Oh yeah, I chopped my hair off and dyed it brown

August: Jeremiah got a new truck

August: Won tickets to see Hanson

August: Jeremiah turned 22!

September: Took our first camping trip

September: Hosted my parents for the first time and we discovered the apple orchard.

September: Took a road-trip with Ally to visit best friends

October: Learned to cut up a chicken (disgusting)

October: Celebrated 1 year with Indy

November: Took our first Christmas card picture

December: I turned 24!

December: Went on a cruise for Christmas with my parents

We had such a great year! We are having a lot of fun being married, owning a home, adjusting to the work force, and playing with Indy.  We have a lot to look forward to in 2011 including our first half-marathon! I hope everyone has had as much of a blessed year as we have.  Happy New Years!


Roxanne said…
So we may not have ever really been friends ;) but now I read your blog and you have me anxious for tomorrow's post!!!

And it looks like you had a beautiful year!
Amber Joy said…
What?! Hanson is still around?

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