Sewing 101

Today I spent 3 hours in JoAnn Fabrics taking my first sewing class.  It was in the middle of the store at some tables and me and 3 other ladies (at least 10 years older than me) took our introductory sewing class.  I got the sewing machine from my mother and father in law and it was a total surprise! Not that I didn't want one, I just wasn't expecting to get one.  I sure wasn't expecting to be enrolled in Sewing 101 either.  We took our own machines to the class so we could learn how to use our own model.  It was very overwhelming.  There is just so much terminology and steps to follow. I learned how to thread my machine and how to make basic stitches.  Someday I can even do embroidery!
So, after class I went to pick up my first pattern: Sewing For Dummies- Pillows.  I mean, how hard can a pillow be? Well, we will see.  I am hopefully going to get started tomorrow. I got my fabric and everything.  So, here's to a new year and a new hobby!


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