New Lighting

Alright guys, I know you have been bracing yourself for the big reveal of our new project.  Well... here you go! Lately, I have been collecting Mason Jars.  Who doesn't love Mason Jars? Well, I was looking for something different to do with them and I came up with an idea.  I honestly thought it would never work but I did some research and as it turns out, other people have had the same idea (Pottery Barn). Well, I was reading a blog and they gave some pretty good instructions so I decided to mention it to Jeremiah.  He didn't laugh at me so that was an immediate good sign! But, he did some brainstorming and what do you know, 3 days later I have a finished product!

Here is the before of the light. Its the one in the back above the sink.

Here comes the process:

And now... the finished product:

I absolutely could not be more happy with it and I have my wonderful husband to thank.
We are thinking about selling these or some other styles of this idea.  We had a fun time doing it and I love the outcome!


M said…
I LOVE that. Seriously it looks like something that would be in a pottery barn or anthropologie store on display. So lovely!!
Leanne said…
That is SO cute! I love it! Great idea and great work by both of you!

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