We're sinking

Let me start by saying, I have been a lazy blogger.  This project happened last week and everyday I told myself I needed to post and everyday I was just too lazy to take pictures.  Well 2 weekends ago D & V (in-laws) asked us to help them install a new sink.  Well, I didn't really do too much, I crafted, but Jeremiah was a big help.  We weren't really expecting to walk away with a new (used) sink but  we did! They gave us their old sink and its like new for us! It is so much nicer than our old one! After we took our old one out I realized how gross it was! (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture) It was stainless steel and I think it was a cheap stainless steel. I used to think that I would pick stainless steel but after having one, I would not pick another! Our new one is composite granite and I am in love with it! It made such a difference in our kitchen and it is so much easier to keep clean!  



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