Spring Break Crafts

I am loving my second week of Spring Break.  Last week I was able to go home for a week and it was marvelous.  I was able to visit pretty much everyone I wanted to see.

We had to come home on Monday because Jeremiah had a doctors appointment on Tuesday.  We got pretty good news from the doctor but his J-pouch did have a couple of ulcers on it so we will know more when we get the test results back from the biopsy.  Just say a quick prayer for him that everything will be fine!

Yesterday, I pretty much hung out at my house.  I cleaned and caught up on some tv.  It was a great day.  Nothing really to report except my house is clean!

Today, I got to get up at 6 because I had my first teacher test.  They told me I only have to take two tests to get my license valid in the state so I guess thats not too bad. Today's test was: Elementary Education Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.  It started at 7:30 and it was on a computer so my eyes were so glazed over after it was done but I PASSED! That is the beautiful thing about taking the test on the computer, I found out my score immediately.  Whew, cross that off my list.  The second and final test, Reading Specialist, is on April 30th and then I can trade in my reciprocal license for a permanent one!

OH YEAH! Next week, I get to to start my new position.  I am taking over for someone on maternity leave! That means, my own class for the rest of the year, more than 3 times the pay, and actually using my degree! I am so excited! I will be in second grade and I have already met the children once and they are really sweet!

Alright, on to some pictures.  I did a couple of crafts today.  Don't hate me, but I totally forgot to take before pictures. I am so bad at that lately.  Anyway, here are the pics:

My wreath.  It's a little skinny so I might go back over it with more yarn but I love the flowers and they were super easy to make.  I might just add more of them and I think I want to hang the wreath from ribbon instead so maybe tomorrow. 

My coffee table centerpiece.  Cheap and cute.  Avery had white eggs so I thought I would copy her.  I found them at hobby lobby and they were 35 cents for 12! Ha! So cheap! Now I have three vases full of them around my house.

This is a lamp my mother in law gave me.  I spray painted the base and I really like it. The shade is a different story. I want to recover it with burlap but I didn't have any today and I didn't feel like going to the store so for the time being I put leopard ribbon around it.  Not my best job but oh well. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We have to run 10 miles on Saturday so hopefully we will be able to accomplish that goal!


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