Let's get it started

Today Jeremiah and I went "trash to treasure" shopping.  We both really like to find things to work on and make into better things.  I was sick this past week and so I spent way too much time on some of my favorite crafty blogs and just had so many ideas in my mind.  I am still working on those shelves in my sewing room so I needed a few trinkets (as Kerri would put it) to put on them.  I also just needed a few things to fill a few other shelves and spots around the house.  
So, now our kitchen table is full of things to work on and I am so excited. Tomorrow is supposed to be another gorgeous day so I will get to do some spray painting.  Tonight I will leave you with my first little craft.  
Vase- 1.00
Twine- 2.00
Glue- I already had

The rose is real from V-Day so it won't last and I probably won't keep anything in it.  I think I will do a couple more in different sizes/shapes.  

What do you think?


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