Terrific Tuesday

Dearest Readers, 
 I made a mistake.  The worst kind.  I forgot to take a few before pictures with my crafts. I know I know, its my favorite part too.  I just got so excited about making them.  So here are a few of my most recent treasures and I will do my best to describe their life before I redid them.

Up first is the only craft I have a before of:


Now, close your eyes and use your imagination.  Vision a black, chipped up, 8X10 picture frame. Nothing too fancy just not in the best shape. Alright... ready?

My new mini-framed chalkboard

Next, imagine a old gold bird.  It's about the size of a paperweight.


And last, I am still working on my shelves in my sewing room but here is an updated version.  If you have suggestions on arranging please let me know.  



Ok, I can't reveal them all at once so you will just have to wait till tomorrow. 
Until then....


Mandyb3410 said…
I think you should hang some type of frame with a picture or a needle point in the empty space above the top sewing machine. ALso its a little white heavy on the left side. Just my thoughts. I love your blog! I wish I had the time to do fun things like that. Enjoy this time.

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