We've gone blind

Well we took the big plunge and bought blinds, finally! Can you believe our house is like 15 years old and it has never had blinds before? Crazy! It feels so much more private and it feels much more like home! The reason we have been putting it off for so long is because we have like 30 windows. Talk about a lot of blinds! But I couldn't be more happy with them!

Also, I made another set of curtains.  They were still just as easy just a lot more fabric. I really like the way they turned out and I am ready to work in that room and get it completely set up.  I am thinking it will be my sewing room, I just need to get a table.  Well, the boys are watching the superbowl and I am crafting, packing lunches, and cleaning up the house getting ready for another week! I got pretty sick last week with laryngitis, pink eye, sinus infection, and ear infection but I am finally starting to feel better. I had to disinfect like my whole house!

We went on a road trip for a couple of days to move Jeremiah's cousin so we were in the car a lot and it gave me a lot of time to think about some new projects I want to work on. I am excited.  First, we went to Nashville and moved her out of her apartment and then that evening we got to hang out with some good friends from college, it was so nice! Then, we drove to St. Louis to move her in, where I got really sick and had to go to a clinic.  Then, finally, back home. It was an exhausting trip but I had a lot of fun with my family.

Have a great week! Enjoy the pics!

I only took pics of a few windows. This little guy happens to be my favorite!


the hendley's said…
I love the rug by your front door! Where'd you find that? Your house looks great! I can't ever seem to get projects posted, unfortunately.
Leanne said…
Wow!! You were REALLY sick!! Glad you were able to get over it! That is NO fun at all! I love all your "craftyness"! You're so good!

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