My new collection...

So today was Jeremiah and I's first training race in our preparation for the half marathon.  It was a lot of fun and we had good time so I am happy! Needless to say we were up a few hours earlier than we normally are on a Saturday so we decided to go do some fun things. We love to thrift shop and we have this great place really close to us thats called the Peddler's Mall (it's not a mall).  The Peddler's Mall is a giant indoor garage sale.  People rent booths and price their junk and the store sells it for them.  We love it.  The fun thing about it is it changes like everyday and you just never know what you might walk away with.  Today, I walked away with a new collection.

A last post I showed you my new curtains for my soon to be "sewing room".  Well, I still don't have a table and I am still sewing in my kitchen but my room is a little more complete.  Jeremiah just happened to find a couple of awesome vintage sewing machines.  They were a little dirty but, hey, that adds character right? So we decided I would use my giant shelves in that room to decorate with sewing machines.  Are you ready to see the pictures??

Aren't they beautiful? Oh, and did I mention they were $5??

Here's the whole console, don't judge it too hard.  It's a work in progress.

OH! And, last week we watched just a few minutes of the puppy bowl and Indy loved it! Here's how you can tell:

Happy Weekend!


Kendra Lynn said…
SO CUTE Laura! I am getting a new sewing machine (fingers crossed) for my birthday so I will have to check your blog for sewing tips and projects!
Leanne said…
I LOVED running the mini! I want to do it soon I KNOW I won't be pregnant! Hopefully that will happen soon...I'll have the baby, and then do the mini again! I love your vintage sowing machines! What a great touch to that room!!

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