Feeding My Family

I really love Sundays.  Jeremiah and I joined a church league softball game and it has been really fun.  Today was a little rough in the playing field but that's ok.  You can't win them all.
Another reason I love Sundays is because we have family dinner.  After the game Jake and Willis come over and we have a nice sit down dinner and finish off the evening with a movie.
Tonight's meal was completely homemade.  Thanks to the Pioneer Woman, I made a absolutely delicious meal.
We had, chicken fried steak, wisconsin mac and cheese, and creamy mashed potatoes.  It's a good thing everyone was wearing elastic pants.  Once again, my favorite, before and afters.



Now were watching The Book of Eli.  I hope we like it.  Jake has seen it 4 times and loves it so hopefully we will all feel the same way.


Summer said…
Please, please, please teach me how to make chicken fried steak. I have failed too many times at that one.
M said…
Oh my goodness look at you making chicken fried steak in your adorable house. You are too great! I miss you!

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