My ears are still ringing...

Last night was the Hanson concert! It was so much fun, I think it was probably the loudest concert yet.  We were pretty close and the room had good acoustics so I literally couldn't hear a single thing all night after the concert.  Some local band called the CrawPuppies opened up.  They were OK, I just couldn't take them seriously because of their name.  Then Rooney was next.  I like Rooney so this was a pleasant surprise.  Hanson was awesome except they didn't play my favorite song but oh well they still played some really great ones.  I will have to say I think they put on a better show in Oklahoma though! :)

Well, Jeremiah and I are out on our back porch now.  He is running around in the yard playing fetch with Indy and I am sitting here in sweatpants and a sweatshirt.  Yes, you heard me.  I'm freezing.  It's 76 degrees but still, kinda windy, and Im cold nature!

Well, Im off to bake something.  I'm not sure what yet, Im just going to bake something.  Have a great Wednesday! The week is already over half over!
Oh! And today I got a really cute new jacket at H&M.  I am so ready for fall.

He was real excited


Anonymous said…
I still remember the OK concert. You, JT and Cat! Wonderful memories! (I'm getting old, so forgive me if I have the wrong people.) I know Cat went and I'm pretty sure you went.) I think it was JT. Correct me if I'm wrong.
~Malinda Bishop
Laura McDaniel said…
You bet it was me! It was my first concert ever! And I think I still like them just as much! :)
Anonymous said…
You are the only person i know that actually wears a scarf just so that its part of the outfit...i think im gunna start. lol for real. do you think Khloe is a scarf wearer??..oh and please post more pics. i have no life and depend on your blog to entertain me :-) thanks!

your favorite kardashian

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