Robin I Scoot

I have been slacking lately on my blogging I just really haven't felt I had anything blog worthy.
Saturday night we had a night out in Shelbyville.  Me, Jeremiah, Jake and Willis went out to eat at the Cow Palace and then we went to the casino.  Let me just start by saying we are not gamblers.  We just decided to do something different with our night and so we went there.  They have horse races there and I don't know about you but I have never seen a horse race before.  It was so much fun! The jockeys don't actually ride on the horse, they sit in this chair thing behind them, causing the horse to kinda run funny but it was so much fun! None of us knew anything about horse races and even how people would place a bet but we payed attention to people and caught on pretty quickly.  There are so many different bets: win, place, show, exacta, trifects, superfecta.  Who knew?
Well we decided we would place our 50 cent bet on a horse and mine won! His name was "Robin I Scoot" (hence the post name).
It was a really fun experience.  It was crazy to see all of the people there.  Some people were legitimately nervous.  I can't imagine putting a lot of money down, I was really nervous I would lose my 50 cent bet.

On a side note: I am one more recipe down in the good ol' PW cookbook.  So far so good.

Happy Wednesday!!


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