Start of something new...

Well today I started my job.  I think I am going to like it.  It's kind of exciting not knowing what you are going to be doing and, call me weird, there is something kind of nice about doing jobs that don't require you to really think at all.  Today I ran copies and organized a reading assessment series ( if you didn't know, I absolutely love to organize.  It's almost a sickness), monitored a classroom (which was almost awkward because the teacher was in there and she was kinda mean and I felt weird), organized another reading series/activities.  It was a really good day.  I have a good feeling about this job and how it might open up doors to something permanent.  But for right now I feel very blessed to have my foot in the door somewhere.
We were having Jeremiah's folks over for dinner tonight because I was making homemade lasagna.

  And if you have every made one before you know it could feed a small army.  It was a really good dinner and then we had a nice time just enjoying our back porch and new patio furniture.
If you do not have the Pioneer Woman's cookbook, I recommend you get it.  I haven't tried anything out of there that hasn't been fantastic.  Although, you might have to modify the recipes if you are only cooking for two.  That is something I have had to learn a lot of.
Jeremiah also made snickerdoodles too! Yumm...



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