Just Another Manic Monday

I am getting restless to start my job so I am tackling projects around the house.  Today was beautiful outside so on my morning walk with Indy I decided I was going to have a very productive day.  Can you guess what I did?
I gave our upstairs bathroom a makeover.  The lady in the house before us loved painting all the walls brown (almost like I like to paint all the walls gray) and don't get my wrong, I like the color brown but all of our wood work in oak and its just too much brown. So I decided to paint the bathroom green.  I went to the store thinking I was going to come out with a sage green but instead I came out with "Shamrock".  It may be a little brighter than I had planned but I actually really like it.
One of my favorite things I registered for was our shower curtain.  So I am so excited to finally give this curtain a proper bathroom.  I taped and painted all by myself.  I had to have Jeremiah's help install the new fixtures but hey, I still did most of the work by myself and I bought everything.  So here you go....



Since my parents are coming to visit for Labor Day (which I am soo excited about) I have to get my house all ready! I hope they like it!

OH and here is a picture of our new fire pit thanks to Jeremiahs birthday and his parents!


Megan Collier said…
Laura, I love it! The green and the browns and that awesome shower curtain . . . I am jealous!

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