Rain, Rain, Go Away

We're Back!!!
Camping was really fun.  The only problem was it rained like the whole time.  That part was not fun, we were all a muddy mess. We thought we had a really great location, which we did, but we thought we were in a sort of secluded, quiet part.  Well..... about an hour into camping the most annoying people showed up.  It was two older guys and two little boys so I figured it was dads and sons and what a cute little guys camping trip.  Well, the bud light case should have been my first clue that these people might get out of control.  The park had a rule of no alcohol but obviously it didn't mean anything because the rangers didn't say anything.  It didn't get bad until Jeremiah and I woke up after being asleep for like an hour because these people cussed more than the cast of Jersey Shore.  I couldn't believe how much these guys said in front of their children.  And at some point in the night two women showed up with a couple of little girls (I guess the rest of the family).  They stayed up till like 4, yelling and cussing.  They also got up at like 7 and continued to yell and cuss.  Seriously, what a bummer on our trip.
We still had such a wonderful trip and Indy really loved camping.  Although, I don't think she slept at all. She walked around the inside of the tent all night as if she was patrolling it. (Trust me, she is not a guard dog.  She would be anything but fierce.)  I think she was feeling claustrophobic.  Here are some pics to sum up our trip!
We're Off!!!

My dog truly is my baby.

Jeremiah loves to not wear a shirt.

I have to cook even during camping.

Jeremiah wishes our dog loved him like she loves me.  


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