New Obsession

I have a new face wash.  This is a big deal.  I have used the same time for so long, I never change.  But I really like my smashbox jet-set eyeliner, the problem is it's waterproof.  I hate waterproof eye make-up because it is so hard to get off. I got it for the wedding and I fell in love because it does not smudge and it stays on all day.  I went to Sephora and asked if they made a similar product that was not waterproof.  They don't.  So they suggested a new face wash.  This stuff is really gentle and it gets off my eyeliner! It's amazing! I would recommend this to anyone!


Anonymous said…
you just made my night! i JUST told Julie "I HAVE to get new eye liner mine smears way too bad!" and then JUST told my mom last night "i need some new really good face wash"..and posted this!!! not to mention i ALMOST bought that exact facewash this week but didnt know if i would like it or not! so Laura..where as some might think this blog had no can rest assured it did! lol love you!
MaKenna said…
Purity is awesome. It is my favorite face wash in the whole wide world. It will last you forever. Please tell me that you got the lotion Hope in a Jar. It is the best moisturizer I have ever used. It smells clean too. If you aren't using it, you must get it when your moisturizer runs out you must get it. Completely worth the price.

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