Another Room Re-do

As I kind of mentioned before, when we moved into the house I didn't really take time to pick out things to go on the walls that I knew I would like for a long time because we were on a major budget. So I just put things on the wall that I had to fill space.  This past May marked 3 years here and this year I have decided to work through rooms and really decorate my house.  It all started when I found dreamy bedding at West Elm.  If you know anything about me its that I am a sucker for anything grey and for anything striped so when I stumbled upon these beauties I had to have them. So I saved my money and bought them the very next month along with some new curtains (back to my "I have a curtain problem")
THEN, we got new carpet.  The carpet people moved all of our furniture for us but since we were getting new carpet it was a perfect time to paint the bedroom to match the bathroom from our bathroom update.  Since we were painting the walls it meant I had to take down all of the things I had put on the walls and I was OK with that because I didn't really love any of them anyway.
So, we got new bedding, painted the walls, got new carpet, and I made a couple of things for the walls. So far I am loving it! It doesn't have too much so it doesn't feel cluttered but I have room to add to it when I am ready.
Here it is:

This is the bedroom since we moved in until about 4 months ago.

New bedding, pillows I made, new curtains, new carpet, new sign I made above the bed.  

I caught Indy mid yawn and thought this pic was hilarious.  She looks pretty ferocious.

Something off pinterest actually worked.  I took a picture on a flash drive into staples and said I wanted a engineering print and this is how it turned out. It is a little pixelated if you look really close but because the window is in front of it and you're never really that close it looks awesome. Did I mention it was only 2 dollars! What a steal!

I thought I would update you on the bathroom now that it is actually being lived in. 

Another sign I made using the silhouette my dad gave me and a old window I picked up somewhere.

We decided to take the mirror off the dresser. It rattled when we got into the drawers and we were ready to mount our TV. This area looks ALOT better. Don't ya think?


Love this. The curtains are super cute. Probably my favorite part! Also love the window picture too!
Debbie said…
Looks great! I have fallen in love with grey and yellow too. Cute Mr & Mrs sign!
Laura McDaniel said…
Thanks guys! I am finally feeling very content and I actually enjoy taking my time and picking out pieces I love!

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