Wooden Signs

Ill be the first to admit I am a little obsessed with wooden signs.  I think I identify with several decorating genres but one of them would be rustic.  Old barn wood, white washed wood, or just plain wood are so easy to work with and make great decorating pieces.  I have about a zillion on pinterest and I'll probably make a few more for my house.
My dad works for Janome, a sewing machine company, and under that umbrella they sell Silhouettes! My dad sent me one last year and I am really just now breaking the surface of all it can do.  I use it to cut out what ever stencils I want and then just paint and go! How simple!! Here are the ones I have put up in my house.

This one is actually decals.  I cut out the words using sticky back vinyl.  

My signs are by no means perfect but I think that's the beauty of it right?

Happy Hump Day!


Willam Lills said…
Thanks for sharing such a nice post with us!!!!
Oak signs name signs are very attractive and identifies unique signs for your house.

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