Back in the groove

Its been 8 months.  Time for a fresh start.

In my last post I shared with you the Hall Tree that Jeremiah and I made.  When I decided to put the hall tree there I knew I would have to move some furniture around so I started the long process of redecorating my living room.  I moved the table from the hall into there, changed up my mantle decor, and moved some other pieces around as well.
Ill give you a little before and after pictures to give you an idea.
This is the very first summer in the house.  I was using pretty much anything I already had to decorate with so we could save money.

This was right after we bought our new couch. I am pretty sure this was September of 2011.

These are the most recent pictures I have of my living room.  I still have not done anything with the bookshelf back there, basically I am taking it one step at a time.  

You will notice later that I have changed the curtains and the mantle a little bit (I have a problem with being content with curtains). In our garage sale a couple weeks ago I sold 4 pairs! Yikes!

I moved this mirror from my kitchen and stood it up in the living room. It really opens the room up plus its a great mirror to look at outfits. 

A few things I added to the hall to brighten it up.

I finally finished the mantle a couple of weeks ago and I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Plus, I think I have finally found some curtains I can be content with. I really like how the sheer white brighten up the room and they go with any decor.

I plan to be a more regular blogger.  I won't make any promises but I am going to try to be more intentional with updating.  


Pat Brockman said…
Good for you! I especially like the canvas above the open white chest in the corner! When are you coming to San Antonio to give me some ideas.

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