High Five for Friday!

So one of my favorite blogs does a "High Five for Friday" which basically is just five things about your week or something you are looking forward to over the weekend kinda a good time to reflect over the week.  Anyways, I thought that would be good for me to reflect and try this out so here it goes!

1) I tried 2 new recipes this week.  The first was called the "glowing green smoothie".  I found it on pinterest and wanted to try it out because it has a lot of fruits and vegetables in it and it went on and on about how good it was for your skin.  I modified it a little from the pinterest recipe so I will post it next week.

2) I hopped on the "Kale" bandwagon and made some Kale chips.  This was also a pinterest find and I am actually making more right now! I really liked them!

3) We are going to the state fair tonight as long as it doesn't rain with some friends and I am really excited! It is the opening night and Karmin is the free concert too! Ill try to take pics and post them next week.

4) My poor nails have been it terrible shape for several weeks but I have been really busy and haven't really had time to paint them until two nights ago.  I just feel so much better when my nails are done and they don't break as easy.  
5) Wednesday night jeremiah helped me with my blog look.  I wanted a more sophisticated look and he was really pumped to help me with my Favicon.  What is a favicon you might ask? Well its the little image that appears in the tab with the page you have open.  If you start looking for them you will notice every site has their own.  Here is what he created. I really like it and am happy to have a new look!

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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Girl I am so with you on your smoothies and kale chips. I eat like 2 bags a week of kale. I use it in everything. And it is the BEST for your body and skin. Loaded with vitamins. Have a fab weekend. I saw you on the link up :)


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